​Jane BormanTravel Experts

Loire Valley Bike 2016

Spain 2017

Backroads Hike

​An action-packed adventure to explore the most beautiful, famous and little-known places on the South Island of New Zealand.

Past Village Travel Club Group Trips

Camino de Santiago Backroads Hike 

A place for transformation & pilgrimage. Hike the border between Spain & Portugal, with views of the immense sea & tiny Spanish villages. 

New Zealand Hike 2018

​​​​Spain Backroads Bike

Starts in the Pyrenees, traverses the French border and descend to Costa Brava's beaches, with Mediterranean views that inspired Salvador Dalí, himself.  An amazing adventure!

Vietnam & Cambodia 2018

Unforgettable Tuscany 2015

Mt. Blanc Hike 2016

Danube River Cruise

Danube River Cruise 2017

Ireland 2016

Iceland Hike 2018

AMA Waterways

A fascinating cruise along the Mekong river from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap. A magical experience.

AMA Waterways Romantic Danube 

Germany's castles and quaint villages, Austria's dramatic Alps, Slovakia's medieval history and Hungary's remarkable architecture. Sewn together by the deep blue thread of the Danube. 

Backroads Hike

Dramatic hikes with geothermal lagoons, bubbling mud pots, rugged coastal cliffs, black sand beaches ​and midnight sun. A surreal landscape!